Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pixar & Koahsiung

Monday, August 31, 2009

Family Studio Photo Shoots

We were laughing at the studio for this because it looked like a piano lesson with a strict teacher and her student. Albert's favorite shot.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Month in Dansui

The church in Aletheia Univerisity, which is right next to the institude.
Fisher's Wharf. I recalled coming here the last time with my family on the weekends, it was boiling hot and crowded with tourists and sausage stands which created heat that made it even more unbearable. This time I came here after the day shift, avoiding the weekends tourists, and I could enjoy the ocean breeze and the smell of the saly water without having pushing through the crowd.
I'd also met up with my friend since fifth grade when I was in the US. It had been about nine years since we last seen each other, and between these years we contact through mails. She came to Taiwan for an one-month internship at Tamkang University, and we met up at Shilin night market to catch up with the old times. It was nice to see an old friend, and nine years really wasn't a short time. She had just graduated from college and was getting her probability of last chance to come to Taiwan before she started working. The chubby cat from a coffee shop in Dansui was so famous that its photo was on a magazine. I didn't know that while I took this picture, and I guessed it was famous for its easiness with people. Though it didn't greet me with joy because I had interrupted its nap and captured an irritated look on its face.

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